Ice Machine Buying

Once you’ve decided it is time to purchase an ice machine you need to determine the right ice machine that meets your business’ needs. Not only do you need to determine the type of ice you need, but also the appropriate size ice machine for your business. We can help you determine these answers so you can be sure you get the best ice machine for your restaurant, deli, or other commercial business.

We purchase ice machines from businesses, residences and refurbish them.

The Purchase Process:

  • Contact us about the prospective machine to be bought.
  • After we contact you we will arrange for pictures to be sent.
  • Next, we will schedule a meeting to see machine.
  • If interested we will make an offer on your ice machine and arrange to pick it up.

Contact us today at 516-835-9311 to see if we are interested in purchasing your old ice machine, if we are we will pick it up from your location.

Brands We Sell

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